Network Password Manager


Password manager for networking


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Network Password Managers is a password manager that works on a client-server mode that is designed to cover all of the necessities a company would need for its network.

The program will let you manage an entire database of passwords which can be used by all of the employees of the same company or by users of the same local network, something that requires a lot of safe storage for personalized usernames and passwords. In order to accomplish this, Nework Password Manager uses an AES-256 compression algorithm (one of the most secure on the market).

Regarding administrative functions, Network Password Manager can be used to assign persmissions and create user groups, export and import system backups, or personalize the file's fields that are saved to the database. Additionally, the interface's design is user friendly, something that will surely help with the implementation of this tool for whomever uses it.

Works with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.


60 day free trial.

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